Advocates for Women and Children Center


Karen, Amirah, and Diane put down mulch

Co-Chairs:  Kathleen Doenier

The Advocates Center provides a safe place for victims of abuse. Master gardeners plant and maintain garden areas as part of the healing process for these victims.
A rose walkway leads clients to their new, temporary home. Master gardeners maintain this welcoming entry during the spring, summer, and fall.
A vegetable garden provides produce to supplement meals at the facility. Master gardeners have used the “lasagna method” in this area for weed control, improved soil, and reduced watering needs.
In 2014, our focus is to improve a steep hillside area. All members with experience, suggestions, or interest (especially in near-vertical gardening) or any who would like to learn with us are encouraged to join us.
Everyone who works at Advocates must sign the Advocate’s Confidentiality Agreement for the safety of past, present, and future clients.

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