Kuhefuss House

Kuhefuss HouseChair: Susie Granzow

The Kuhefuss House (pronounced KEE’ fus), built in 1849, is located in the heart of Cedarburg’s National Historic Downtown District. (For those who are interested in seeing the inside of the house, the Kuhefuss House Museum is open to the public for tours on weekends in summer.)

Ozaukee Master Gardeners took on the Kuhefuss House as a new project in fall of 2010. We are responsible for the planting beds in the back and both side yards (west, north, and south) at this historic home.

Rose Bed, Arbor, and Patio

Rose Bed, Arbor, and Patio

Besides general cleanup and maintenance of the planting beds, we have:

  • Transplanted existing hydrangeas to help hide a chain link fence and make room to enlarge the herb garden
  • Restored an existing small herb garden and expanded it with more herbs and a few vegetables
  • Revitalized the rose garden using restoration pruning techniques
  • Established a compost pile
  • Grouped existing hostas into a single garden for more impact

    Rose Pruning Workshop

    Rose Pruning Workshop

  • Relocated a cast iron fountain to become a focal point
  • Removed some shrubs that were failing
  • Planted a drift of spring bulbs for some early season color

Our plans for the future:

  • Build an aesthetic composting bin
  • Make plant markers for the kitchen herb garden
  • Make a handout about the herbs for visitors and for use by the docents
  • Replant the bed on the north side of the house
  • Start a fern and moss garden
  • Hold demonstrations or presentations in the backyard, open to the public—a perfect opportunity for OMGs to teach and learn, and to help us fulfill our mission of educating the public
Kitchen Garden: south side (r) and west side (l)

Kitchen Garden: south side (r) and west side (l)