Membership Committee

Co-chairs:  Heidi Janous and Jean Schanen

The Membership Committee and Hospitality (sub-committee) helps coordinate reporting of volunteerism to state and encourages retention of members through recognition of achievement and promoting a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

Encourage member retention

  • Send reminders for members to complete annual education and volunteer hour requirements, turn in a log of those hours, and submit dues by October 1 each year.
  • Greet members and guests at monthly membership meetings
  • Organize snacks for the monthly membership meetings
  • Host Annual Meeting
    • Organize potluck dinner
    • Graduation of new trainees
    • Service awards
    • Election of officers
    • Organize summer picnic/crawl

Help maintain membership records

  • Collect volunteer hour logs from all members, check for accuracy, tally, and send report to state
  • Maintain a master distribution list of members “in good standing” (current with dues, education,  and volunteer requirements)