Ozaukee County Fair

Co-Chairs: Cindy Behlen and Jim Layton

As a public outreach, our master gardeners staff a booth during the Ozaukee County Fair.  The fair is normally held at the end of July/beginning of August each year at the Ozaukee County Fairgrounds in Cedarburg. Our booth is staffed all day each day of the fair.

Here are some of the things this committee does to get ready and set up a booth:

  • Planning
    • Choose a topic for the current year’s booth
    • Create posters and displays depicting the topic
    • Gather props to make the booth more interesting and inviting
    • Schedule a work crew, with their vehicles, to haul and install the display boards and supplies
    • Schedule workers for the booth, 3 people/shift (1 YGL member/shift)
    • Coordinate with Yard & Garden Line for reference information and handouts
  • Booth Set-up on Wednesday
    • Pick up and haul all equipment and supplies from UW-EX office
    • Install large display boards and lights
    • Table, fan, chairs
    • YGL: reference books, racks with handouts
    • Hang pictures / displays of chosen topic and arrange props
  • Booth workers during the fair
    • Greet fair-goers (be cheerful and friendly)
    • Answer gardening questions or give contact info for YGL
    • Promote OMG by answering questions / brochure about training class
  • Booth Tear-down
    • Pack up all the pictures / displays, props, and supplies
    • Disassemble and pack the large display boards
    • Haul all equipment and supplies to the UW-EX office