Yard & Garden Line (YGL)

Co-chairs:  Kathleen Awe (Office) and Maxine Ellis (Online)

This committee assists the public by giving research-based  advice for questions about trees, shrubs, houseplants, soil, insect problems, plant diseases, or any other gardening issues. This is the group that answers the questions from Ask a Master Gardener.

  • New members to YGL will be trained by experienced members
  • The committee is divided  into two groups: Office and Online
  • The Office group works in the YGL office of the Ozaukee County Administration Bldg
    • Available by phone and in person
    • In office one or two half-days per week through the gardening season, depending on volunteer availability
    • The public can bring in plant or insect samples for identification or pick up kits for soil sampling
  • The Online group answers questions via email from home throughout the year
    • OMG’s remain anonymous by using special email account for YGL only
    • Fits your individual schedule—you can answer day or night, any day of the week